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Clip'n'Carry Protein Pods™

Clip'n'Carry Protein Pods™

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Ever wished your supplements could keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle?

With our Mini Portable Protein Powder Bottles on a Keychain, your supplements can now keep pace with your active lifestyle effortlessly!


  • Carrying Capacity: 100ml
  • Size:7.5*5cm

Package Include:

  • 1*Bottle

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Supplement Your Journey

It offers unparalleled convenience, allowing you to carry your favorite supplements wherever your busy lifestyle takes you, whether it's to the gym, work, or on outdoor adventures.

Double the Functionality

Easily store your protein powder by inserting on one side of the bottle while the built-in funnel on the other side ensures mess-free dispensing, making it versatile and convenient for all your supplement needs.

Versatile Portability

No more fumbling with messy scoops or spilling supplements everywhere. Our bottles feature a hassle-free design that makes dispensing your supplements clean and efficient, ensuring you get the perfect dose every time.

Space Saving Design

Say goodbye to bulky supplement containers taking up valuable space in your bag or pocket. Our mini bottles are compact and sleek, saving you space while ensuring you always have your supplements on hand when you need them most.